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How can the Goal-Setting Kit help you? Here’s why some business owners use it year after year…

A few short years ago, I was working in a reactive and haphazard way. Working with these tools helped me take a systematic approach to running my business. I am now meeting or exceeding my goals every year and have attracted some amazing opportunities my way.
Professional Career Coach


I find the Goal-Setting Kit to be a great tool to both recognize what I have accomplished over the past year and to help me focus on what my new goals should be. The tool provides me with an opportunity to sit down and plan out my upcoming goals. The process facilitates planning and has provided a lens to recognize my growth and realize the opportunities ahead.
Director of Administrative Services, Electrical Manufacturing Company

By using the Goal-Setting Kit, you can plan on things to accomplish through-out the year and not just be in daily reactionary mode. It’s like a road map of where you want to go vs. where you are being taken each day. The best part is you can adjust it if/when some of your goals change through-out the year.
Senior Director, Presales, New England Enterprise Accounts in Hi-Tech Industry
One of the most useful things about the Goal-Setting Kit is – if used consistently – it creates a visual history of my progress. For me this has been huge. I can easily get too caught up in the moment, especially when trying to ensure I am “living in the moment”, and it is often hard to get perspective and balance when so focused on the present.  The Goal-Setting Kit provides me that perspective.
Senior Global Human Resources and Payroll Service Leader, Financial Services
I find the Goal-Setting Kit to be extremely useful. The Goal-Setting Worksheet enables me to focus on what I want to achieve over the year. By reviewing this periodically, I am able to refocus my priorities during the year to make sure I achieve my goals and not be reactionary.
Business & Executive Coach

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