The Results AcceleratorTM

Look within to gain the clarity to illuminate your path.

Increase your self-awareness

Are you having difficulty figuring out your goals? Feeling stuck and can’t see any options or choices?

Do you want to be more authentic in your leadership role?

You might be what’s getting in your way … it may be time to look within, at your invisible, internal operating system.  We all have an internal set of beliefs, perceptions, expectations, assumptions and habits. These make up The Results SystemTM.  Your own system has guided you, for better or worse, to where you are today. When you get stuck, it’s often because some part of this system is not working for you.

The Results AcceleratorTM is an intensive, concentrated coaching experience. By expanding your awareness, you become able to identify which parts of your system are working to support you and those that aren’t. You can then apply the effective parts to your current challenges, building new skills and strategies for forging ahead successfully.

You benefit from the Results Accelerator in many different ways:

Results Accelerator Process

The Results Accelerator is a coaching tool that can generate great insight, help you leverage your experiences, build self-awareness, and reveal important patterns, all of which help you make better decisions. Armed with this new data, you are able to make choices that are aligned with your identity, values, and best leadership style.

What clients say:

Elise Tjernagel

VP Marketing & Go-To-Market
Mentor Collective

I worked with Andrea when I was trying to better identify and integrate my holistic life goals. Our work together was transformational - seeing me through my promotion into an important leadership role and the birth of my daughter. Andrea's got a fantastic set of tools and practices, including the Results Accelerator, that helped me take inventory of life and create a cadence of goal setting and achievement.

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Angela Gregory

Senior Healthcare &
Technology Attorney, Aceso

I just completed the Results Accelerator coaching program with Andrea. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about living an intentionally fulfilled life. The program produces amazing results for the short amount of time it takes to complete.

To learn more about the Results Accelerator and how to incorporate it into your own coaching experience:

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