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Are you able to work “on” your business even as you work “in” your business?

Is it easy to lose your sense of business-level priorities and decision-making?

Use coaching to step back, see the big picture, and regain control!

  • Make better business decisions based on a clearer understanding of your business
  • Learn to balance maintaining day-to-day operations with planning for the future
  • Get ahead of the competition with fresh ideas and new-found energy
  • Advance your leadership skills and grow as a leader and a person

Ready to boost your business? Let’s Get Started

The biggest benefits of Business Coaching evolve over the long-run, but even early in the process you’ll find yourself thinking differently.

  • Feel confident that, whether you are working “on” or “in” your business, you are exactly where you need to be
  • Build your business successfully using effective marketing and business development strategies
  • Trust your own decisions because you can trust your resources and your decision-making processes
In just three months, gain a clearer view of your business:

  • Identify and evaluate roadblocks to your success
  • Develop your ideas through collaboration and brainstorming
  • Expand your awareness and abilities as a business-owner and a leader
  • Access and improve networking resources
Coaching offers the opportunity to reassess your business from an objective perspective:

  • Win-loss analysis: what’s really working and not working, in terms of business development, marketing, administration, leadership, and your personal satisfaction
  • Fine-tune your vision and timeframe for moving forward
  • Redefine short and long term goals to match your business plan and personal needs
Coaching usually touches on many topics all at once. Though every situation and every business is different, here is a list of the most common topics I see:

Business Growth Maximizing Resources Influence
Industry Visibility Staffing Negotiations
Business Strategy Client Relationships Managing Big Changes
Sales & Product Funnels Strategic Business Partnerships Self-employment Isolation
Channel Sales Professional Associations Exit Strategy
Leverage Your Marketing Using Advisory Boards  …and more!

About Andrea’s Clients:

Recent clients include…



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O'Connell Law 241 x 60

Blue Penguin 145 x 289


White Mountain Process

resource revival


Integrating Healthcare Associates

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What clients are saying…

Andrea has been a great sounding board for me – helping me to really think strategically and practically about my business. With her help, I successfully hired and am integrating three new employees into my business this summer. Andrea has helped me grow my business and helped me make myself a priority in the process. She is thoughtful, caring and gets me to really think about what I’m doing. I look forward to working with Andrea for years to come.
Principal Attorney, Boutique Estate Planning Law Firm
I hired Andrea at the beginning of the year because I felt the need for more focus and direction in my work. I’d been working on my own for 10+ years at the time, but needed another point of view. Andrea quickly stepped in and got me on track. She’s smart, a great listener and somebody who speaks up when she hears you avoiding difficult topics. My only regret is not hiring her sooner.
Founder, Email Newsletters for Professional Services Firms
Coach Andrea has helped me gain clarity and reset my priorities so that I can find the time for my new business venture while maintaining the time I need with my family. Andrea has a great ability to hear to what is most important to me and helps me to refocus my direction. She has a way of taking a chaotic period and helping you to break it down so it’s manageable. If you’re looking for a great person to help you get to that next level, Coach Andrea would be a great addition to your team!
President, Healthcare Information Technology Consulting
Andrea challenged me to push past my comfort level. She helped me realize the major obstacles that got in the way of my success. She helped me get out of my own way.
Parent Coach and Educator
One of Andrea’s amazing talents is her ability to be extremely strong and hold her clients accountable in such a gentle manner. She didn’t let me get away with anything I was doing or telling myself that wasn’t congruent with my authenticity or what I said I wanted. During our time of coaching I was experiencing many changes which resulted in overwhelm and she encouraged me to treat myself gently. At the same time when I was in my own way she gave me a push to move forward. As a result I shifted from being a very busy, overwhelmed, human doing to a more peaceful, self-loving state of being and authenticity. I am certain that this shift made me more attractive to opportunities to develop my coaching business in a way that fits perfectly with who I am.
International Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker, Leadership Coaching Business
THANK YOU so much for all you have done for me. I take time to do daily gratitudes and you are often on the list of things I’m grateful for. Your guidance, support and encouragement have helped me get my business and my life back on track this year!
Professional Career Coach, Career Coaching Business
Ever diplomatic, caring and thoughtful, Andrea knows how to guide leaders to thoughtful conclusions and into action. We have reached decisions quickly, achieved more of our goals and surpassed our benchmarks because of our work with her.
President, Marketing Consulting Firm
The coaching from Andrea has enabled us to move ahead in a manageable way and produce business results we haven’t achieved in the last decade! In addition, thanks to our work with Andrea, we have experienced a renewed energy/productivity in our partnership; movement forward in critical areas such as budgeting, marketing and curriculum; and increased team productivity and dynamics.
Co-owner, Early Childhood Education Center
Andrea’s greatest gift to her clients is that of simplicity. Andrea has given me an approach to viewing my business life that removes the frenzy of the emotions of my practice and enables me to see my clients needs (and my own needs) in a very clear and simple manner.
Partner, Law Firm
Coach Andrea has provided us with management advice and guidance to help us stay focused, organized, and profitable. Andrea has a way of helping to set the right goals and stay accountable. I highly recommend trying a coaching session, as you can quickly figure out if this can help your business or help balance and prioritize your time between business and personal life. 
President, Biotech
Coaching has provided me with a structure to identify goals and make them concrete. It is extremely helpful to be held accountable for “activity goals”. This weekly practice helps me to measure my progress and to feel the satisfaction of moving forward.
Consultant, Financial Services Company
Working with Andrea gave me both focus and accountability. I moved from “scattered” with too many ideas and distractions to creating a business that combined my two passions in life.
Founder, Animal Products Company
With Andrea’s exquisite coaching, inquisitive line of questioning, her ability to think outside the box and hold the mirror up for me to see exactly what was going on, I am pleased to say that I have exceeded all of my goals increased business growth, affirmed my leadership style, developed a long term exit strategy and committed to an exercise program.
CEO, HR Consulting Company
Andrea has a great way of pulling me out of the day to day frenzy to think about the big picture – setting goals and checking progress against them. She understands me, she understands my business, and offers such clarity on how to take specific, actionable, measurable steps towards the goals that I determine are important to me. My scheduled time with Andrea is actually one of the highlights of my week because she shares in my excitement over accomplishments, and helps me work through tough issues where I need a valued, but private opinion. Hiring a coach is the best thing I’ve done to ensure the success of my business during this critical start-up phase.
Co-founder, High Technology Consulting Business
Andrea is a terrific executive coach. She is a great inspirer; she helps me chart out and focus on my goals, overcome obstacles and be creative in achieving those goals. She has a wonderful network and has been able to put me in contact with others that have helped me along the way. She is one of the main reasons my company has not only come to fruition, but grown dramatically in such a short period of time. She makes anything seem possible!
President and Founder, Executive Recruiting Firm

CASE STUDIES: Business Owners

CASE STUDIES: Business Owners

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