Success Stories

What clients are saying.

Clients begin coaching due to different needs and at varying times in their career. There are certain themes that are common.

Develop leadership and strategic thinking skills:

Joe Morray

Founder & President,
Trinity Technologies Corp.

As the founder and president of a small technology software company, I needed help working through strategy, organization, and life issues. After eight years working together, I can say that Coach Andrea represents the best of what I was looking for - an intuitive, experienced listener who helped me work through the myriad of leadership issues that we all face. At the end of the journey, my company was acquired by EMC Corporation. Even at EMC, in a large, corporate environment, her sessions were extremely valuable in achieving successful integration. Whether you’re in a startup or running a global organization, I believe Coach Andrea can bring that same value I experienced.

Erika Eurkus

VP, Resource Development,

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to engage a coach when I was building a new team. Andrea helped me develop my leadership skills and think strategically about my work with both individual team members and the group as a whole. She was helpful in a wide range of areas from becoming more strategic to ‘managing up.’ I would highly recommend her.

Victoria Nessen

President, Nessen Kohlasch & Associates, Inc.

It is the questions Andrea asks of us that are the most powerful. They help us focus on the right issues, define the direction and set our goals. Ever diplomatic, caring and thoughtful, Andrea knows how to guide leaders to thoughtful conclusions and into action. We have reached decisions quickly, achieved goals and surpassed our benchmarks because of our work with her.

Gain clarity and focus to stay on track and run your business:

Belinda Wasser Sandor

Virtual Assistant and Chief Rocket Launcher, RocketGirl Solutions

I started working with Andrea to get the help I needed to make some major changes in the way I run my business. She was there with me every step of the way, listening, encouraging and helping me focus so that I could stay on track. As a result and in a short amount of time, I now have a new business model that allows me to work with more clients, deliver better work and have more free time.

Michael Katz

Chief Penguin, Blue Penguin Development, Inc.

I hired Andrea because I felt the need for more focus and direction in my work. I'd been working on my own for 10+ years, but needed another point of view. Andrea quickly stepped in and got me on track. She's smart, a great listener and somebody who speaks up when she hears you avoiding difficult topics. My only regret is not hiring her sooner.

Tiffany O’Connell

O’Connell Law

Andrea has been a great sounding board for me – helping me to think strategically and practically about my business. As my business grew, she emphasized the importance of making myself a priority in the process. She is thoughtful, caring and gets me to really think about what I'm doing. I look forward to working with Andrea for years to come.

Take purposeful action, improve productivity and achieve goals:

Charlie Marcotty

First Circle Learning Centers

My business partner and I hired Andrea to help us move projects forward from a stagnant to do list. Andrea has been instrumental in helping us become more productive. Her style is warm, supportive and respectful, yet she is able to hold us accountable to our decisions and ask questions that challenge us to be more productive. The coaching from Andrea has enabled us to move ahead in a manageable way and produce business results we haven't achieved in the last decade! We would highly recommend her to any business looking to increase productivity and results.

Amy Friedland

Marketing Consultant,
ADF Marketing 360

As I start my business, Andrea has helped me to keep moving in the right direction and not get caught up in things that will not drive my business forward. She has kept me focused on achievable goals and kept me accountable. She clearly has a wealth of experience and has great ideas and suggestions. I found her to be patient and authentic and each interaction has served to be an energy-booster that gives me the right kind of jolt to keep focused and stay positive. I highly recommend working with Andrea - no matter what stage your business might be in.

Donna Ceriani

Leadership Success Coach,
Success Compass

I hired Andrea as my business coach when I first thought of starting my own business and most recently when I finally made the leap. Both times I've experienced tremendous success as a result of our collaboration. She not only serves as a wise business mentor but also helps me gain clarity and momentum while challenging me to step forward in new ways. I am always inspired and motivated by our conversations to reach higher and go further than I'd otherwise do on my own. I cannot thank her enough for the impact she's had on my professional career - and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their own business.

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